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letting the other stuff, the highbrow stuff and all
that, go hang. They do not understand that
they ought to put public service before gain.
They have no inducement to do so and no pride
in their function. Theirs is the morale of a
profiteering world. Newspapers like to insert
brave-looking articles of conventional liberalism,
speaking highly of peace and displaying a noble
vagueness about its attainment; now we are at
war they will publish the fiercest attacks upon
the enemy—because such attacks are supposed
to keep up the fighting spirit of the country ;
but any ideas that are really loudly and clearly
revolutionary they dare not circulate at all.
jLJnder these baffling conditions there is no
/thorough discussion of the world outlook what-
rever, anywhere. The democracies are only a!
shade better than the dictatorships in this respect. 1
It is ridiculous to represent them as realms of
light at issue with darkness.
This great debate upon the reconstruction of
the world is a thing more important and urgent
than the war, and there exist no adequate media
for the utterance and criticism and correction of
any broad general convictions. There is a certain
fruitless and unproductive spluttering of con-
structive ideas, but there is little sense of sus-
tained enquiry, few real interchanges, inadequate